Longwood Plumbing Leak

There are many possible causes for plumbing leaks in Longwood FL. Many people think that where the water is surfacing is where the  plumbing problem exists but that is not the case. Lets start with slab leaks. Many people see water on the floor in their home and feel it is a leak in the wall. This is not the case on slab leaks water tends to find the weakest spot such as a crack in the foundation or a hole in the slab where the pipe penetrates the slab. This is where the water makes its way in your Longwood FL home. Many times if you have a slab leak you will need to have your Longwood plumber do an electronic leak detection service to find out exactly where the plumbing leak is coming from. Most insurance companies cover leak detection.

The next type of plumbing leak is a wall leak and you’ll usually hear water spraying in the wall and can usually be found by a plumber. A plumbing leak in the ceiling is difficult to find sometimes because the drywall is never level and we have seen leaks 30 feet away from the source of the plumbing leak. Bottom line is water travels and does not show up exactly where the problem is and usually requires electronic leak detection to minimize the amount of holes made to do the plumbing repair. If you need a plumbing leak repaired call us at (407) 710-0210. We are Longwood Florida’s #1 plumbing company.

Longwood FL Plumbing Leak
Longwood FL Plumbing Leak

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