Longwood Plumbing: Clogged Main Drain

Have you ever had a plumbing back up in your Longwood FL home? If you have had a back up then you know how bad of a situation it is. It usually happens after hours or on the weekend when your Longwood plumber is no where to be found and then the disgusting stuff that comes out of the drains. Well how do you know if it is a main line clog or just a sink or toilet clog? First off if its a main line clog in your Longwood plumbing it usually backs up at the lowest fixture. For example, if you see sewer water in your bathtub and your toilet is clogged that bathroom is clogged

If you go to your other bathroom and see the same thing then your main drain is clogged and you need to call a Longwood plumber. Your sinks will always drain even if you have a main line clog but if you run it long enough it will come out of the bathtub if the main drain is clogged. If your sink drains slow you will more than likely have a clog in that sink line too separately. Most people don’t want to spend money to keep up with their Longwood plumbing but as a homeowner you should locate your clean-out before you have a plumbing emergency, this way it is easy for your plumber to fix.

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