Leaking Faucet In Lake Mary, FL

Having  a leaking faucet in or outside your home is very frustrating but did you know ignoring a drippy faucet can hurt your pocket in different ways. The first is the obvious reason which is waste of water and you could be wasting quite a bit. Did you know a slow dripping faucet can waste over 200 gallons of water a year and if you have multiple faucets dripping that waste can go up more. Outside faucets (hose bibs) are another culprit for leaking and most Lake Mary homeowners don’t even know it. But procrastinating can hurt you financially too.

The longer you wait to fix your plumbing leak the more damage it can do to your plumbing system. Its like driving a car when you wait too long to repair and you have mechanical problems you can damage it more. Well having a leaking faucet is the same way and that goes for shower faucets, outside faucets (hose bibs), bathroom faucets and kitchen faucets. The longer you let them leak, the more damage it causes and it can ruin your sinks but worse rust out your faucet to where it has to be replaced.

Sometimes if the faucet in question is very old it is best to have your Lake Mary plumber just go ahead and replace it. This is usually much more cost effective in the long run. Older faucets are sometimes more difficult to get parts for and may give you more issues down the road costing you more in plumbing repairs. If you have a leaky faucet in Lake Mary or Orlando Florida area give us a call at (407) 710-0210.

Leaking Faucet
Leaking Faucet

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