Top Three Reasons for a Sewer Replacement

There are many reasons that you may need  a sewer replacement in Lake Mary and the Florida area. The following list are reasons that you may have to replace your sewer:

  • Roots: Trees are the main reason that cause you to replace your sewer line. Some root intrusion can be repaired by a qualified Lake Mary plumber. Most of the sewer replacements are caused by planting trees in the wrong spots like right on top of your sewer main. Most of the time it would have to be rerouted or replaced in this situation.
  • Poor-workmanship: This is another big cause to replace your sewer system. The only way to find this out is to run a sewer camera and video inspect the sewer main. If the plumber that installed it previously dug and layed the pipe without the proper pitch it could have bellies in the line which causes constant drain clogs. In this case you would have to replace your sewer.
  • Bad Material: Material used in the old days such as orange-burg and terra-cotta piping have major plumbing issues. Terra-cotta has issues with the joints where the pipe is connected and failing causing roots to intrude into your main sewer. Orange-burg is made out of tar paper and wood pulp. Over the years it softens and loses its shape causing the pipe to collapse. This is a big problem and sometimes deforms so much that the plumber can’t even get a snake through it to clear the line when it backs up. If you have either of these pipes you most likely will have to replace it at some point.

These are the three main reasons for a sewer replacement and the process of replacing your sewer can be aggravating. The plumber that you choose should explain everything upfront to you and make the process as seamless as possible. If you are looking for plumbers in Lake Mary give us a try at (407) 710-0210.


Sewer System Lake Mary
Sewer System Lake Mary

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