Lake Mary Plumbing Tips: Prevent Clogged Bathtubs

Have you ever had a slow bathtub or shower in your Lake Mary home? It is very annoying to be taking a shower and have it not drain fast enough and you are left standing in 12 inches of water. The most common cause for clogged bathtubs are hair build up. We all shed hair but it is best if you prevent it from going down your Lake Mary Plumbing drains. The best prevention is by using a hair catcher that you can purchase from any hardware store just put it over the drain and clean the access hair when done showering.

If your drain does clog and you are in a newer home with a lift and turn type stopper, you can unscrew the stopper usually by lowering the lift and turn knob and unscrewing it. Usually the hair gets caught in the cross section of the drain and you can then remove the hair with needle nose pliers. If you have the old style stopper with the switch on the side where you push it up or down to stop the water, you can unscrew the two screws and pull the stopper assembly out and remove the hair from there. If that does not work we suggest calling a Lake Mary plumber.

We at Drain Genie Plumbing suggest you do not use drain cleaners as they are harmful to the pipe and your septic system. If you need your bathtub drain unclogged call us at (407) 710-0210.

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