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When you decide to remodel your house in beautiful Lake Mary FL the first choice usually is the kitchen. This is a great choice for a few reasons, the 1st reason is that you spend most of your time in the kitchen. The second is you get the most money back from a kitchen remodel when you sell your house. Many people think when remodeling their kitchen they call a cabinet and granite company first and a Lake Mary plumber last. If you are planning to update your Lake Mary plumbing particularly your kitchen plumbing you should contact a Lake Mary plumbing company asap. When installing new granite tops the granite is usually 2cm-3cm thick and the kitchen sink is usually under mounted. This can cause a problem with the kitchen plumbing reconnect if your waste line is coming out of the wall too high. This can be a big problem especially since most new sinks are deeper and under mounted. This usually drops the waste to the sink 3″-6″ and if you don’t have enough room to drop that far it turns into a much bigger project. To where you have to open the wall behind and lower the waste arm.

It is very important to have a plumber look at your kitchen sink so they can tell you if you have enough space to lower your sink and if not they can give you an estimate to lower the waste arm. Another thing to look at when getting granite tops is to make sure the granite company does not cut corners on your Lake Mary kitchen sink and dishwasher.  The sink and dishwasher should be anchored into the granite sink should have clips on it and anchored properly same with dishwasher. Some companies will just silicone sink and screw blocks of wood under sink to secure this is not the right way and will cause you issues in the future. If you need a plumber to reconnect your kitchen sink call Drain Genie Plumbing at (407) 710-0210.

Lake Mary FL Kitchen Plumbing
Lake Mary FL Kitchen Plumbing

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