Lake Mary FL Slab Leak And Detection

Pipe leaks are bad enough when you have them in your walls or ceiling. You would have to cut the drywall in your Lake Mary FL home and not to mention the water damage caused by the water but when your plumbing water supply line is leaking in or underneath the concrete of your floor or foundation it is definitely going to be a much more time consuming and expensive repair. Some signs can be obvious wet or damp carpet or drywall but 80% of the time they are under the concrete.

Most of the time there are no visible signs of water because the concrete keeps the water from flowing into your home unless there is a crack in the foundation or where the pipe penetrates the slab leaving a weakness where the water can get through. So usually with this problem you will notice a high Lake Mary FL water bill and another sign is low water pressure. These slab leaks can be extremely destructive because it washes the dirt from under your foundation causing voids under your home in Lake Mary.

There are a few reasons for slab leaks and one is chemistry. It’s either chemical interaction between copper pipes or the water running through the copper (copper pipe is very susceptible to pinhole leaks) or electrolysis from the copper pipe coming into contact with the dirt. The second reason is caused by your Lake Mary home settling and splitting your pipes. The next is extreme water pressure which will corrode copper pipe usually at the plumbing fittings on your water lines. The last is poor or improper plumbing installation such as the plumber not having experience or poor craftsmanship or inferior plumbing supplies like using a thinner copper pipe called ‘m type’ copper.

The best way to detect a slab leak is to hire a Lake Mary Plumber to do a leak detection this will locate where the problem is. While chipping the floor to access the leak will solve the problem. It is not necessarily the best option depending on the cost of the repair and damage to the cosmetics of the house. It may be a better option to re-pipe your home because the copper in the house is deteriorated. Fixing the leak may only be a temporary solution once you have a leak in your slab and you disturb the original pipe you tend to have leaks in the future. This is why we at Drain Genie Plumbing recommend re-piping your home. Once you re-pipe, you’re done and there are no more worries and your plumbings water system will be completely new.

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