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Here at Drain Genie Plumbing we strive for 100% customer satisfaction so we thought we would explain what most Lake Mary plumbers don’t tell there customers. When you have a Lake Mary drain cleaning service done for a clogged sewer drain there is never a warranty for the job. The reason is very simple. If the Lake Mary plumber that comes out cleans your drain after the drain cleaning they should run all water in house or in the bathroom that is affected. They should also flush toilet paper down the toilet multiple times as the paper will tell you if you cleared the line and if not it will back up again. The main reason why there is no WARRANTY is because once the plumber has tested the drain and left the job, anything can get flushed down the drain from kids,guests and even the homeowner.

We have seen many things get flushed down the drain such as toys, baby wipes and many other strange things. That is why there is no warranty on drain clogs. If a plumber pulls roots out of the drain line then there is a problem that needs to be fixed or you will have another plumbing back up and a good plumber should explain that to you the Lake Mary consumer. Most plumbers will state that there’s no warranty for drain cleaning on the invoice and tell you up front. There are some companies that do offer a warranty but the trick is they charge double the price so if they have to come back it is basically already paid for and is only a 30 day warranty. It is almost impossible to provide a warranty for drain cleaning due to the fact that the plumber does not control what gets flushed down the line when he leaves and therefore cannot warranty drain cleaning.

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