Two Ways To Clear Your Clogged Drain

Many of our Lake Mary customers will have a clogged kitchen drain at one time or another. It is very frustrating to come home and to start cooking dinner and have your kitchen drain back up while trying to wash your dishes. Most people know that food down the disposal is a definite way to clog your drain and most people know that grease causes major drain problems but many people don’t realize that a Lake Mary plumber may be able to clear the line with a snake or sometimes it has to be jetted. Lets go over the two ways to clear certain drain problems.


  • Grease clogs are the worse and when you have grease in your plumbing drains, please do not use drain cleaners. Most drain cleaners will harden the grease and make it harder for your plumber to clear the line. Once the plumber determines that your line is packed with grease he will most likely will tell you that your line needs jetting. This is because the grease gets stuck to the walls of the pipe and a snake will bore a hole in the line. Yes it will drain but the problem will persist many times.  A chunk of grease will fall off the side wall of the pipe and lodge itself in the hole that was created by the snake. A netter will wash the grease off the pipe and restore the pipe to the original state.

Food Debris

  • Food debris can be from any type of food in the garbage disposal such as pasta, rice, and vegetables. When this happens your plumber will be able to clear the blockage with a snake and the problem will not persist unless you continue to put the same type of food in your disposal.
Prevent Drain Cleaning
Prevent Drain Cleaning


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