How To Know If You Need To Make A Sewer Line Repair.

How to know if you need a sewer line repair in your Orlando home. Having a sewer or drain line issue can be a frustrating experience, usually the problem happens at the worst times, such as at night or on the weekends. So how do you know if your clogged drain is just that or something that requires more work and a actual sewer line repair. Well, it really depends on a few things. First, the expertise of the Orlando plumber when he is snaking the line out. Does he feel spots in the piping that are catching and hard to get through? If so there may be issues in your sewer line. Also, what he pulls out of the drain line will tell you if you are in need of a repair or if it was just a clog. For example, if he pulls out a big wad of roots, chances are that the line needs repair. If roots are in the line that means your sewer line is broken somewhere. If he pulls back foreign objects, chances are there was something flushed down the toilet that shouldn’t have been, and if you prevent it from happening again, you should be fine. Another reason to look into and possibly camera your sewer line is if you have had constant issues with the same sewer line. If so, chances are something is going on and needs to be further looked at by an Orlando plumbing company. If you need plumbing services call Drain Genie Plumbing Services in Orlando at 407-710-0210 or Deltona (407) 710-0210.



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