Areas in the U.S. That Don’t Have Indoor Plumbing

Many Orlando Florida residents take their plumbing for granted until they have a plumbing emergency and are without working drain lines or running water. Did you know according to the Washington Post that 1.6 million people in America do not have indoor plumbing? Thats crazy!  You would think in America everyone should have a toilet to use and be able to take a hot shower. They also stated that 630,000 households have inadequate plumbing and are missing a shower, tub or toilet most likely because they cannot afford the plumbing repair costs. Our Orlando plumbers see this a lot. Lower income people just can’t afford the cost of plumbing repairs so they go without the plumbing fixture until they can afford it.

This article by the Washington Post was interesting, it had a map on the highest areas in the county without indoor plumbing. Most are on Native American compounds and there are a lot in Alaska, and South Dakota. There are still many people in the states that do not have the luxury of modern plumbing so the next time your drain clogs or you have a water leak and have to shut your water off and you are disappointed because you cannot get an Orlando plumber out as quick as you would like. Take a second to think of the 1.6 million people that don’t have this luxury and you will realize maybe one day without plumbing is not that big of an emergency after all.

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