Kitchen Sink Leaks In Your Home What To Look For

  Having  kitchen sink leaks can be hard to detect there are so many components under your sink that can leak that it is often hard to pinpoint a plumbing leak under a sink unless you are a professional Orlando plumber. Here are some of the most common things that leak under your kitchen sink:

                                                                                    1: Basket Strainer

     Water leaks under your  kitchen sink are often caused by worn out plumbing parts such as basket strainer, or a poorly installed basket strainer. If the basket strainer was poorly installed by a plumber it usually will have to be replaced.


                                                                           2: Supply Valves and Lines

      Most cases water damage in your Orlando FL home could be from plumbing valves under your sink and supply lines installing quality supply valves and stainless steel braided supply lines is the best improvement you can make to reduce the possibility of plumbing leaks under your sink in your home and getting a qualified Orlando plumber to do this.


                                                                             3:  Drain Pipes And P-Traps

    Drain pipes and p-traps come in several qualities. Plastic, thin brass and heavy gauge brass. When you consider the amount of plumbing labor involved replacing the drain pipes we recommend using the best and having a qualified plumber install it.


                                                                                 4:Garbage Disposal

     Garbage disposals also leak in your Orlando FL home. If the disposal leaks you will have to replace the unit, it can’t be repaired. Installing a quality disposal by a plumber is recommended.  If you have a leak call Drain Genie Plumbing Services at 407-710-0210 

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