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Are you installing a hybrid water heater in your Orlando-Lake Mary home and want to know is it worth the extra out of pocket expense of the heater. The hybrid water heater works off a heat pump system and is supposed to be a lot more energy efficient but how much more energy efficient is it? Well the average standard electric water heater costs about 600 dollars a year to operate and this cost with an average household with big families, the cost can be higher. The 50 gallon standard heater uses 4879 Kwh per year which is usually about 600 a year or 50 dollars a month where the hybrid water heater uses about 1890 Kwh per year at about 20 dollars a month which is about a 62% savings which is a yearly savings of 360 dollars which would pay for itself and the labor to install it in 4 years.

The only downfall on the hybrid water heater is it has a lot of technology involved and when it breaks most Orlando plumbers do not carry the parts or know how to repair these heaters so you will more than likely have a harder time finding someone to repair the water heater.  Also it has to have a drain for condensation so if your water heater is not on an outside wall it may cost more to have a Orlando plumber run the drain line for it. If you want more info or want to install a hybrid water heater in the Orlando-Lake Mary area please give us a call at Orlando 407-490-1230 or Lake Mary (407) 710-0210.

Hybrid Water Heater Savings
Hybrid Water Heater Savings

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