Are You Installing A Gas Water Heater? Hear Are Some Things You Need To Know

Do you have a gas water heater in your Orlando home? Is it leaking and in need of replacement? Gas water heaters are very efficient opposed to electric. The adverage cost per year for electric water heaters is about 500 dollars a year where the cost for a gas water heater is about 250 dollars. Gas water heaters are more expensive to purchase and labor to install them is much higher. If you are in need of replacement make sure your Orlando plumber installs the heater with the following.

1. Drip Leg:  A drip leg is required by code and it is usually installed right on the gas valve and is a tee fitting with a cap on one end. This allows the dirt to fall in to the capped portion of the line and prevents dirt from getting into the burner and damaging it.

2. Expansion valve:  An expansion valve should be installed on the cold side of the heater this provides relief from expansion and contraction.

3.  Pan:  If the gas water heater is on the same level as the house it must be installed in a pan and the pan must be aluminum or metal not plastic.

4. Metal Pipe:  Gas water heaters also require metal pipe for at least 18″. This insures that the pipe next to the exhaust does not melt as the exhaust gets very hot having any type of plastic pipe next to it will cause issues.

Previously, a few years ago water heaters would have to be installed on a stand in a garage or storage unit but now they make the burners in a sealed combustion so it is perfectly fine to install them on the ground. If you need a gas water heater installed give Drain Genie Plumbing Services a call at 407-490-1230.

Orlando Gas Water Heater Installation
Orlando Gas Water Heater

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