4 Things That Can Go Wrong When Installing a Faucet

Are you installing a faucet in Altamonte Springs? Many customers think that this is only a simple do it yourself project by only unscrewing the faucet and putting the new one on. Simple as that right? Well sometimes unfortunately some things can go very wrong and turn into a nightmare thats why if you attempt to install a faucet and it seems to not be going well we suggest you stop and call an Altamonte Springs plumber.  To finish the job here are some things that can go wrong when installing your faucet:

Faucet install
Faucet install


  • Supply valves won’t shutoff
  • Supply valves leak causing a flood
  • Water line can break in the wall and flood house
  • If the faucet is very old sometimes it will not come off and need to be cut off.

We run into these things very often and even sometimes for an Altamonte Springs plumber an easy faucet repair can turn into a nightmare and need to be sawed off in order to install it. Also if you have a stainless steel sink it is best to get a faucet not as tall because the taller the faucet the more the faucet will flex or move because the steel in the sink is very thin. If you need a plumber in Altamonte Springs to install your faucet please give us a call at 407-710-0210.

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