Improper Gluing Techniques By Your Orlando Plumber Can Cost You Big Time

Improper gluing techniques by your Orlando plumber can cost you big time. There are many different pipes when it comes to plumbing you have copper which is joined together by soldering. Pex which is joined by crimping. Galvanized pipe which is threaded and screwed together. Cast iron which is connected with no-hub couplings and then you have CPVC and PVC which is glued together. Many Orlando plumbers cut corners when glueing these pipes together the pipe should be cut square and it should be installed where there is no stress on the pipe and the pipe should not be bent. PVC pipe should be primed and glued unless they use blue glue which has primer in it. CPVC should be clean and they do sell one step glue but it is a good idea to prime the pipe anyways. The biggest area where plumbers cut corners is glue time. Glue times vary depending on temperature outside if it is on the hot or cold side. Hot side should dry longer than cold side but usually you need to let the glue dry at least 30 minutes sometimes longer. Plumbers tend to get impatient and rush this and this is bad because the glue needs time to cure properly and if it does not the chances of it blowing apart in the future is very likely. We have seen many cases of improperly glued and installed pipe failing and flooding homes. Make sure when you hire a plumber if they glue pipe that they allow the pipe to dry. If you need an Orlando plumber give Drain Genie Plumbing Services a call at 407-490-1230.

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