What Is Hydro Jetting And How Is It Different From Snaking?

Hydro jetting or some people call it sewer jetting is it really necessary? What are the differences between Hydro jetting and snaking? These are the questions we hear a lot from our customers.

How a Snake Works.  Lets start by explaining how a snake works. With normal drain cleaning a cable or rod is ran through the sewer system until it reaches the clog. Once it reaches the clog it penetrates through the clog and frees the backed up drain. The problem with this is that with roots or grease or heavy build up it will only be partially cleared. There will be a lot of scale and debris on the sides of pipe left causing future drain clogs. Basically snaking will puncture a small hole in the clog and not really clear the whole obstruction.

How Hydro Jetting Works.  When hydro jetting is done right it is very effective. Sewer jetting when used with a snake will restore your drain lines and clean them thoroughly. If you have grease build up this is really the only long term solution. This is achieved by using a special jetting machine to blast threw and wash out grease using water at high pressures it will clean pipe to original state and rinse out all unwanted debris. It can also give you a longer temporary solution from root intrusion into your sewer line by cutting roots right at entry point. This will give you more time until the roots return and let you save for a actual sewer repair. If you have a older home built in the early 70’s or before you more then likely have cast iron pipes. If you do scale build up can cause constant back ups. Snaking is only temporary it will leave scale behind and cause solids to catch causing more back ups. Hydro jetting works great for this as well. It rinses and blasts scale build up out of your drain line leaving it clear, clean and free of any obstructions. 


 After having your homes sewer line jetted it is best practice to have your Orlando plumber camera the sewer line. This will visually inspect the drain line and make sure there was no debris left behind and that the drain is thoroughly cleaned. if this sewer video inspection is done after jetting and all is good you should be good for a very long time. As long as you are not flushing things that should not be flushed. If you need hydro/sewer jetting service call Drain Genie Plumbing Services in Orlando or Orange County at 407-490-1230 or in Sanford or Seminole county at 407-710-0210.


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