How To Prevent A Lake Mary Plumbing Repair

We have had quite a few calls for an emergency Lake Mary plumbing repair over the past years that happen usually on the weekend or after hours. These emergencies can be prevented by taking the time and addressing a sitiuation before it turns into a plumbing repair emergency. Here are the top list of things that happen that can be prevented.

  1. The homeowner or their child are cutting the lawn and with the lawnmower they bunk the main water line coming into the house and break the water supply and then need to call a Lake Mary plumber to make a repair.
  • Solution:   Take the time to see where your main water line comes into the house. If it sticks out and looks like it could be hit and broken put some type of protector around it, like a landscape border with some stones to prevent unintentional bunks.
  1. The homeowner or someone visiting parks on the water meter box breaking the pipe in the ground or running over the sewer cleanout and breaking the sewer main.
  • Solution:  Take the time to find where your water meter is and paint the black box in yellow or some type of color that stands out. Also do the same with the sewer clean-outs. Find them and clean the grass from around them and put some landscape stone around them so people can see them and prevent them from accidentally running over them.

If you find these plumbing items and protect them to the best of your ability, it will save you from calling a plumber in Lake Mary and save you money and aggravation. If you do happen to have a plumbing emergency, we are here for you 24/7.  You can call us at (407) 710-0210.

Clean Out For Sewer
Clean Out For Sewer


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