How to Babyproof Your Plumbing

Are you expecting a baby? Congratulations! You’ve probably read everything there is to read about preparing for a newborn, but your plumbing is likely the last thing on your mind. However, our team at Drain Genie Plumbing Services knows that every part of your home is affected by the addition of a new baby, including your plumbing. Below, we’ve listed a few ways you can prepare your plumbing before your little one arrives.

Babyproofing Your Plumbing

Install a Water Softener

Installing a water softener is in the best interest of everyone in your home. The minerals that are found in hard water quickly dry out skin and hair. It’s also rougher to bathe with, and may prove particularly irritating to precious newborn baby skin. To avoid any potential problems, we recommend installation of a whole home water softener.


Babyproofing doesn’t stop with outlet covers and cabinet locks. Your plumbing is also a risk for your new baby, and it’s best to be safe. Consider a silicone soft faucet cover to protect little heads from getting bonked in the tub, or a water temperature thermometer to ensure a safe bath water temperature. Additionally, you’re going to want to get toilet cover locks. These will help once your little one starts to become mobile. They keep babies away from dangerous water, and keep them from throwing anything down the drain.

Remember Flushing Rules

The biggest plumbing problem new parents usually face is a sudden increase in clogged toilets. This often happens because parents try to flush baby wipes down the toilet. Remember, even wipes that say they’re flushable aren’t really flushable. Check out our previous blog for more things you should never flush down your toilet. “Flushable” just means they break down a little faster than their non-flushable counterparts. However, both varieties get stuck in pipes easily and lead to clogs.

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