How To Adjust Temperature On Your Water Heater

How do you adjust the temperature on your water heater? Most water heaters come preset from the factory at a temperature of 120 degrees. For most people this is a perfect heat setting but some people like it hotter. Adjusting the temperature of an electric water heater is not always commonsense most heaters you really have to know how and where to higher the temperature. To adjust the temperature start by locating the breaker for your heater and shutting it off. Next you will need a screwdriver. There will be two panels on the front of the heater unscrew the top and bottom panels and remove them. Once you remove them you will see a plastic cover these usually just pop out. Once these are removed you will see in the top portion of the upper panel and lower panel a temperature adjustment called a thermostat. With a screwdriver adjust the temperature in small increments. You must set both upper and lower panels the same temperature. This will prevent one working harder then the other. This will cause premature failure of the element. Once set reinstall the plastic covers and then screw the panels back in.  Reset the breaker the temperature should be set. We don’t recommend lowering the temperature lower then the factory setting. Doing so can cause bacteria to grow in your water heater causing bad odor and also other health causing issues. If your heater gets really hot out of the blue and then gets cold chances are you will have to call a Orlando plumber and have your heater repaired. Making temperature adjustments in this situation will not work and is best to call a professional. If you need plumbing service call Drain Genie Plumbing Services in Orlando 407-490-1230 in Sanford 407-710-0210.

Temperature Adjustment
Temperature Adjustment

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