How Hard Water Affects Your Plumbing System

Orlando Florida and Florida are basically on a bed on limestone. The Orlando area has one of the worst problems in the country for hard water so how does hard water affect your Orlando Florida plumbing system?  The main thing is your water heater. As the water heats up the minerals in the water stick together and sink to the bottom of the tank, this affects the compacity of the tank and also causes the tank to rust out at a quicker rate. Overall your Orlando Florida plumbing piping can greatly benefit by installing a water softener scale. Also chlorine from the hard water can also make your water piping leak and wear out much quicker causing plumbing leaks and causing you to have to call an Orlando plumber more frequently. Hard water also affects your valves under your sinks and even your tub and shower valves can be affected by hard water buildup.

The solution is installing a water softener unit in your home as this will eliminate the scale caused by hard water build up but it wont clear up any hard water deposits already in your system. It is also a good idea to install a whole house filter to remove chlorine from your water. There are many homes in the Orlando area that have high chlorine in their city tap water which can affect your CPVC piping and Pex piping making it brittle. If you install a water treatment system in your home it will be an investment worth the money and you will save on your plumbing repairs and see your plumber less often which is a good thing. If you would like a quote on installing a water softener call us at 407-710-0210 for an estimate.

Hard Water And It's Affect On Your Plumbing
Hard Water And It’s Affect On Your Plumbing

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