The 4 Areas of Plumbing That Experts Should Know

When you hire an Orlando plumber make sure the plumber is experienced within the field that you need the repair in. Just like a doctor your plumber needs experience and just like a doctor a plumber can specialize in one area of your plumbing.  A highly skilled plumber can do all different types of plumbing and this takes years of experience. Many people don’t realize that there are quite a few areas in plumbing so lets go over what areas an Orlando plumber can specialize in:

  1. Service Plumber: A service plumber specializes in repair and minor replacement in residential homes they usually clear clogged drains, install toilets and perform plumbing repairs.
  2. Commercial Service Plumber: Commercial service plumbers repair and work on commercial buildings and do the same type of work  as a regular service plumber but on a larger level. The main difference between commercial service is the size and type of piping used and usually the repairs have to be scheduled in late evening hours.
  3. New Construction Plumber: These plumbers install plumbing systems in new buildings and homes and they need to be able to read blueprints and install a wide range of plumbing systems. They also take a little more pride in their work making sure things are level and look good to the eye.
  4. Drain Cleaning Plumber: These plumbers only work on cleaning drains or repairing broken drains.

It is very hard to find a plumber that knows all of these areas in the plumbing field. I can say I have been doing this for 20 years and started in the new construction field then went into the commercial service side and then into the service end of the business. I am glad and proud that I learned the new side of plumbing  first, as i have gained extensive knowledge on how the plumbing system should be installed. Also when helping on the service end you learn how to install things properly to make it look good and neat to the eye and not just thrown together.  I can say that knowing a lot on all plumbing levels has helped grow my company the right way. With plumbing having so many components and tools, I still lean something new everyday. Any plumber that tells you they know everything in plumbing is wrong because there is always something new to learn in the plumbing field. If you need an Orlando plumber give us a call at 407-490-1230.

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