Help Your Orlando Plumbing This Earth Day..

Help your Orlando plumbing this earth day. There are many things we can do to lessen our carbon foot print on the Earth. Most people think of recycling, which is a big benefit to the environment, but did you know teaching your kids and educating yourself about what not to flush down the toilet can also help the environment. Flushing non biodegradable objects down the toilet is a big no no. It can clog your drainage system causing nasty backups and can make its way into the ecosystem, causing problems. Another thing that can help is water saving devices. Upgrade old toilets and faucets with more water friendly, newer models. This can help the environment and help put money back in your pockets. Also, doing little things like shutting the water off while you brush your teeth or while you shave can save a lot of water. Fix plumbing leaks; small leaks can add up to big water waste. It’s better for your wallet and the environment to fix small plumbing leaks before they turn into big ones. If everyone does their part we can all help the environment and it’s a plus because you save money in water bill costs. Having to call a Orlando plumber out to snake your drains is a win win. If you are looking for a plumber call Drain Genie Plumbing Services at 407-490-1230.

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