How Trees Can Clog Your Drains

Longwood, Florida is known for it’s landscaping and nice tree canopies. But guess what? Those trees you plant now can haunt you in the future. That is why it is important to watch where you plant your trees, and stay clear of areas of plumbing such as your main drain and water main. This can increase the likelihood of major plumbing repairs in the future. Many Longwood residents don’t even realize what harm they are doing. They think a tree looks great right there in the front yard they plant it not realizing the sewer line is right below it. But 10 years from now you will be calling a Longwood plumber with clogged drain issues and will most likely be re-routing your sewer line at a high cost to you. If you plan to spend a good amount on your landscaping it is a good idea to call a plumber in Longwood to assess where your plumbing enters and leaves your home. You may even want to invest in a video inspection of your sewer line to know exactly where your sewer line is located in your yard.

Roots can affect your sewer and water main by growing around it and crushing it. Then the roots will enter the pipe and slowly grow in it  and sometimes taking years of growth to surface and once it does your toilets will overflow and your tubs won’t drain. Sometimes a plumber can snake the line out with a sewer machine and perform a drain cleaning service to get you flowing again but this is temporary and the roots will grow back. If you need Longwood drain cleaning or a sewer repair or replacement give us a call at (407) 710-0210. We are your go to Longwood plumber.



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