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A lot of people in Orlando Fl are interested in green plumbing idea’s. Here are a few that we at Drain Genie Plumbing thought were pretty interesting. The first green plumbing product is called The Sloan® AQUS Greywater System this plumbing product takes the water from your sink in your Orlando bathroom and filters and disinfects the water and stores it under the sink when you flush the toilet it pumps the water from the tank to the toilet, saving thousands of gallons from your Orlando FL water bill. The tank is installed by your Orlando plumber under the sink and holds 5 1/2 gallons of water. They have chlorine tablets that last a very long time they help to disinfect the water. They can be installed by your Orlando plumber in commercial plumbing, residential and schools. They do however require your plumber to do maintenance on them but the money it saves in water consumption will pay for your plumber.

Green PLumbing in Orland

The second product I thought would interest Orlando FL residents is the Grundfos UP15-10S “Comfort recirculating pump. Have you ever woke up in the morning and turned on your shower and wasted gallons of water waiting for the hot water? If yes, this plumbing product is great. It used to be that you would have to have a plumber run a return line in your Orlando home which is very expensive. Now Grundfos has this pump that installs at the furthest sink from the water heater. It also has a timer that you or your plumber can set. It is fairly easy for your plumber to install, cutting down labor cost and it will also save you thousands of gallons of water. How it works is it moves the hot water in the system through the heater back towards the pump so when you turn on the hot water it is already and it’s saving water.If you have any plumbing questions “contact us”  407-490-1230.

Green Plumbing in Orlando

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