Great Way To Prevent A Flood In Your Longwood Home.

Have you ever left on vacation and come home to a flood, a broken supply line that caused thousands in damage. There are products that can help save you thousands that protect you from floods. When you go away on vacation you should always shut down the water to your plumbing system, to avoid water damage. A lot of people forget or maybe they are going only to work and will be back at their Longwood FL home in a few hours.

Floods can happen at anytime and they are easy to prevent. There is  a product called floodstop which is a whole house shutoff system. This is a valve installed by a Longwood plumber in the main water supply on your domestic water on your plumbing system. It is wireless and you then have 4 wireless sensors that you put under your sink, water heater, or anywhere there might be a plumbing leak. You can add sensors if you have more plumbing areas that you would like to monitor in your plumbing system. It has a keypad you can mount anywhere in your  home that has an alarm or you can shut off or open the plumbing valve from the inside of your home. It also turns your plumbing valve on and off every 30 days so it keeps your main plumbing shut-off valve from freezing up due to not using it, but it only performs this option if the valve is open. It has an added safety feature so if your plumbing valve is off because of a flood, it will not open. This product is a neat option.

We at Drain Genie Plumbing suggest to shut off your main water supply to your Longwood home every time you leave your home this will protect you from a costly flood and also keep the valve working properly.


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