Problems with Leaking Shutoff Valves

Do you have a broken or leaking shutoff valve to your Orlando Florida home? There are many ways how a shutoff valve can break and it can be very frustrating. Most of the homes in the Orlando area have gate valves for their main shutoff to the house and this valve controls all the water to the house. Most builders use gate valves because it is a lot cheaper than a ball valve. So if they are building 1000 homes in a particular neighborhood they can save 2 0r 3 dollars a valve that saves them 3000 dollars. The main problem with gate valves is when the homeowner shuts the water off to make a repair. Most of the time they don’t shut off all the way and this makes working on a plumbing repair impossible.

So another issue with the gate valve is due to not shutting off all the way. The homeowner will sometimes over tighten it causing the shutoff valve to drop. What does that mean? Well when the gate drops the steam that is attached to the gate it breaks the brass disc, falls down in the closed position and will not let water through and will then need to be replaced by an Orlando plumber. If you need to replace a leaking shutoff valve or broken valve make sure the plumber uses a ball valve these valves are superior to all valves and are the best option. They consist of a metal ball and neoprene plastic they shut off almost all of the time at 100%.  They are the best valve to choose from. If you need a leaking shutoff valve replaced give us a call at 407-710-0210. We can help you with all your plumbing needs.

Ball Valve
Ball Valve

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