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We get many calls from Orlando homeowners expressing that they want a free plumbing estimate. We do offer free phone estimates and most of the basic calls like water heaters, drain cleaning, faucets, garbage disposals and toilet repairs can be diagnosed over the phone with the Orlando plumber  just asking a few questions. There are some situations where we cannot give an estimate over the phone such as remodeling or a bad leak under the slab. With these situations we charge a service charge and then if we do the job we take the service charge of the estimated job cost. The reason most plumbing companies can’t do free estimates is because there is a lot of cost involved with running a plumbing company such as going out to your home and providing a free estimate and to only charge a service charge where the plumbing company is only breaking even on his cost by the time he pays the tech and gas and insurances that service charge is a wash. If you compare a doctor and a plumber a doctor has malpractice insurance, office expenses and payroll while your Orlando plumber has workman’s comp, office personel, licensing, insurance, gas, fleet expenses, supervisors, and plumbers. Hands down a plumbing company has more expenses than most small businesses besides restaurants.

Everyones time is valuable and so many plumbing companies think that they have to offer free estimates just to get their foot in the door but this is not true. The most well organized plumbing companies in the U.S.A do not offer free estimates. Most of the time if you explain that it takes time and money to show up at your home and you want to take your time and give an accurate estimate. Most customers realize that you have a business to run and will value it. The bottom line is you get what you pay for. If you have a plumbing contractor giving a free estimate they will usually rush through it and not be thorough. They may leave things out in return once the job is started and when he finds out he left things out, he will then back charge you saying that was not in the estimate. We would rather be upfront and give you an estimate over the phone. If not, we explain what the charges are upfront and if we lose you then at least we were upfront and honest, no hard feelings. If you need a reliable and honest Orlando plumber give us a call at 407-490-1230.

Orlando Plumbing Estimate
Orlando Plumbing Estimate

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