Fixing A Drippy Faucet Is Not Always Just Replacing A Washer.

Have you ever had a drippy faucet in your Winter Park Florida home? There are many reasons for a drippy faucet. Many Winter Park homeowners think a drippy faucet is a simple fix by just replacing a washer right? Well that’s wrong and while some faucets are just washers and seats, most of the newer faucets consist of a cartridge.

Over time cartridges either wear down or they get build up of hard water deposits causing your faucet to drip. When fixing this problem it is necessary for you to research and tell your Winter Park plumber what type of faucet it is. The plumber must know the make and model of the faucet in order to install the right cartridge. If you don’t know the make and model all you need to do is snap a picture with your phone and text it to your plumber (if the plumber can receive text). By doing this they should be able to identify the brand when looking at the picture.

Most plumbers will carry Delta parts or Moen parts but their are many different types of cartridges, so it is important to identify your faucet so you can have your plumber repair it with out having to come look at the faucet and leave to get the parts as this will cost you more for time and labor. There is really no way to prevent a drippy faucet and its usually caused by wear and tear but as far as hard water build up you can install a water softener to help with hard water.

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Leaking Faucet
Leaking Faucet

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