Finding An Honest Orlando Plumber

We have all had or heard a story of a mechanic or plumber that ripped you or someone off. So how do you know if your Orlando plumber is honest. Most Orlando plumbers flat rate the jobs. The flat rate includes the plumbing repair, the parts, the labor, and the time and gas it takes to get to your home to perform the plumbing repair. However some Orlando plumbers inflate their flat rate so much that it’s ridiculous. Now some Orlando plumbers do this because they may have a lot of overhead that needs to be figured into the bill. Usually the bigger the plumbing company the more it will cost you. When talking to an Orlando plumber, if they rush you off the phone and don’t take their time asking you questions this is a red flag.

Beware of your Orlando plumber if they give you a ridiculously low cost to do the job over the phone. We at Drain Genie Plumbing see this a lot. The plumber will agree to fix it for around $85.00 dollars. They usually come out and say it is worse than i thought and the bill will suddenly go up to 500 dollars. This is a known tactic by most plumbing companies. The reason is once a plumber is at your door 80% of the time the customer will just do the plumbing repair and they don’t want to shop around anymore. That is why the Orlando plumber you choose should ask questions when we answer the phone. We will ask the proper questions to diagnose the problem over the phone and give you a price. It may not be the price you want but 95% of the time it will be that price or lower. We lose quite a few customers being honest but our reputation is more important than money and that is why we give the actual price over the phone.

So to recap, an honest Orlando plumber should ask questions, not rush you off the phone, give you the actual price over the phone not a made up low price, and one thing we forgot to mention as they do the plumbing repair they should show you what they are doing through the process of the plumbing repair and explain why they are doing the repair. If you need an Honest Orlando plumber call us at 407-710-0210.

Your Orlando plumber should have this motto.

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