Easy Plumbing Repair Think Again, Leave It To The Professionals

Thinking of tackling a plumbing repair on your own? Think again! With the internet and Youtube, many do it yourselfers find it easy to find videos on how to make many repairs. Most of these videos make the repair look easy, but many are only showing one scenario out of hundreds. So you could have a different scenario and make matters worse. For example, a drippy hose spigot could be an easy repair, but other factors come into play. When was your home built? Was it built before the 90’s or after? When it was built plays a factor because your hose spigot could be sweat, soldiered, screwed, galvanized, or if its a newer home, it could be glued. So if you see a video on the internet that shows a home in the 50’s that has galvanized pipe, they may be able to get away with only unscrewing it. But, if you try that with a copper sweat on hose spigot, you will twist the pipe off right in the wall and make the plumbing repair much more difficult. You would more than likely have to call an Orlando plumbing company to make the repair. We see it all the time, and it’s usually the easy plumbing repairs that people make worse by refusing to call a plumber in the first place. Everyone wants to save money, but in most cases it costs you more. For example, in the same situation above, most people will begin this process on a weekend or when they get home from work, which is also when most plumbing companies are closed. So when you break the hose spigot in the wall, it becomes an emergency and you have to get it fixed now or you won’t have water in your home. The bottom line is if you are unsure, leave it to the professionals. If you need a plumbing contractor, call Drain Genie Plumbing Services at 407-710-0210.

Plumbing Repair
Plumbing Repair

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