Drain Issues … What You Need To Find Out Before You Call A Orlando Plumber


In Orlando our plumbers run across many drain issues. But the first thing to find out before you call a Orlando plumber is to confirm if you are on city sewer or septic? If you do not know this answer here is a good way to find out: look on your Orlando water bill, it would show that you are being charged for sewer if you do not have a sewer base charge then you most likely are on septic. The plumber would need to know this because if it is on sewer that means it is a clogged line and most plumbers can resolve this problem, but if you are on septic it could be any of three problems such as clogged septic filter, clogged drain or your septic tank is full and needs to be serviced. If your septic has not been serviced in 2 years, more then likely it needs to be pumped out if it is on septic and the system is from 1995 or newer it could be a clogged filter on the septic system. We at Drain Genie Plumbing Services always say if it is on septic that has not been serviced and is backed up, you should start with a septic company. The system needs it anyway if it has recently been pumped then it may be a back up. These are some tips, so if you ever have your system in Winter Park back up you know the questions you need to be able to anwer to better help you and the plumber.


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