Drain Clogs And Warranties

Having a slow or clogged kitchen sink or shower can be very frustrating, and having a main drain clog can be even worse. A lot of times people panic when they have a clog, but most of the time its not the end of the world. There are many things that can cause drain clogs. The most common is what people put down the drain. For example, kitchen clogs are usually grease, veggies, or rice. While main drains are usually feminine products, baby wipes, or root penetration. Sometimes there are bigger problems though, such as poorly renovated plumbing or old broken pipes. When a customer calls and says they have a clogged drain, we start with the most common repair method: Snaking the affected drain line. 90% of the time this is the solution that fixes the issue; however, sometimes there is a bigger underlying problem that neither you or your Orlando plumber know about until they snake the drain. This can be anything from previous repairs that were installed with improper fittings, to broken pipes with root penetration. This is why its nearly impossible for a plumbing company to warranty drain clogs. If a plumber snakes a drain and it has issues, you have to investigate further to get to the root of the problem or the problem will continue to resurface, which could be as soon as a day and as long as a year, but if there is an underlying issue that is not resolved chances are it will happen again. There is no way a plumbing company can continue to go out and clear drains free of charge if there is drain issues. Another big reason drain clogs are impossible to warranty is that once the plumber leaves the house, there is no way to know what is flushed down the drain. Many companies that offer warranties for drain clogs have stipulations that almost always void the warranty, which usually will be if the plumber pulls foreign objects or roots. If there is a belly in the line warranty is voided. That’s why most reputable plumbing companies will be upfront and tell their customers there is no warranty on drain clogs. If you are looking for an Orlando plumber give Drain Genie Plumbing services a call at 407-710-0210

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