Drain Cleaning Questions: What Happens When Roots Get In My Orlando Drain Line

We do a lot of drain cleaning in Orlando Florida and most of the time the cause is root penetration into the drain line. Most customers don’t know what they should do when their Orlando plumber pulls roots out of the plumbing system. First, off if there are roots in your drain line that means that there is a breach in the drain line and even after your plumber has performed a drain cleaning service and has unclogged your drain. The problem will occur again once the line is broken and roots are present. They will grow back again causing you to have your plumber perform drain cleaning every 8 months or less. The cost to have a plumber come out to service will add up and most of the time a plumbing back-up will happen at the worst times which is a huge inconvenience. For example, a back-up might occur on weekends or late night where it might be hard to find a plumber in Orlando. That is why we at Drain Genie Plumbing suggest if you have root penetration you should fix it as soon as possible. It may be more expensive short term but in the end you will have a peace of mind that the problem is solved. The way we fix root problems is by having a video camera inspection. The video camera has a locator head and you push it down the pipe and can see everything inside the drain line. When you see the root ball you turn on the locator and detect where in the ground to dig. This is done with a special tool. Once the line is located, we dig it up, cut the broken peace out, and make the plumbing repair. This will solve your back-ups permanently. If you need drain cleaning services in Orlando call us at 407-710-0210.

Roots in drain line

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