Drain Cleaning Or Jetting

We get a lot of drain cleaning calls around this time of year. With thanksgiving just past us and Christmas a few weeks away we seem to forget the overload the extra cooking and family puts on our drains and plumbing system. Most people don’t get how there plumbing works. Plumbers are similar to doctors and your homes plumbing system much like the human body. What you put into your body affects you and your health. For example if you eat a lot of fatty foods it can affect your heart health such as clogged arteries. Well the same goes for your home if you put grease and fatty foods down your drain it is going to build up on the side walls of the pipe. Eventually causing a clog that will affect your drains. 

Do you have a clog? If it is just loose debris from to much toilet tissue. A snake will work fine it will remove the object. As long as you don’t put stuff like that down the drain you should not have an issue again. With clogs caused by grease snaking is only temporary. The snake will puncture a hole through the grease leaving the waxy build up on the walls of the pipe. The best way to fix the issue is jetting or hydro jetting. The way jetting works is using a high flow rate of water with high pressure. Also using different cleaning heads is a must if done right you will wash and clean all the grease and buildup off the walls of the pipe that the snake leaves behind. Leaving your drain lines clean and fresh like they were brand-new.

There is steps too jetting for best results. The plumber should clear the line with the snake first if possible. This will allow the water and debris to flow into the city sewer instead of backing up into your home. Last it should be inspected with a camera to make sure all grease is off pipe and drains are completely clean. Sometimes you have to go over the spots multiple times. Especially if there is heavy grease build up in order to clean it properly. The camera will make sure and tell you if you need to wash again. If you have an ongoing clogged drain and are tired of having to clean your drains all the time try jetting your lines. If you need a plumber call Drain Genie Plumbing Services in Orlando 407-490-1230 or Sanford 407-710-0210.

Hydro jetting
Hydro jetting

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