Do You Have Questions About Your Orlando Repipe ? What Is A Repipe?

Many of our customers that are thinking about repiping their home are confused about there options when they need a repipe and the process of an Orlando repipe. Lets first start with when is it a good time to repipe your home. Well if you have a leak under your slab the cost to repair the damage to your home and the risk you take on making the repair is not worth the time and money and better off repiping your home. Why risk what is the risk of repairing a leak? Well any time you have copper piping that is leaking you can have your Orlando plumber make a repair and in the future have a leak in another part of your home. We have made repairs and have had customers call back with more leaks in less than a week in other parts of the home.

The process of a repipe most Orlando plumbers charge by the drop for a repipe so for example one drop would be a toilet, a sink is considered two drops, one for the hot one and one for the cold and so on and so forth. The number of total drops will determine the total cost of the repipe. When repiping the home the plumber finds the main water feed and cuts it and re-routes all water lines in the attic and down the walls to each plumbing fixture including your shower valves and hose bibs. There are also holes cut in the drywall to get the pipes to each fixture, which most plumbing companies will patch after the repipe.

One question we get a lot is should the pipes be insulated? Well any Pex pipe that is in contact with UV or sunlight must be insulated to protect the pipe from getting brittle. As far as in the attic that is up to the customer when repiping your home and running the water lines in the attic. It will cause the cold water to be hot for 30 seconds or so and vice versa in the winter but insulating the pipes is an extra cost that is really up to the customer. It only lowers the temperure 5-10 degrees and its really not worth the cost.

When preparing for an Orlando repipe it is a good idea to remove everything from under the sink and in closets that back up to a bathroom wall most plumbing companies will put drop clothes down but repipes can be dusty and if you have special things that are dust sensitive it is a good idea to cover them up. If you have copper pipe or polybutelene and need a repipe call Drain Genie Plumbing Service at 407-490-1230.

Orlando Repipe
Orlando Repipe

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