Do You Have A Rocking Toilet ?

There is nothing more annoying than using the toilet and having it rock on you. Toilets get the most use out of your plumbing everyday we use them multiple times a day and when there is a toilet issue it can be aggravating. Even the most experienced Orlando plumbers will tell you toilet repairs can be the easiest and the hardest repairs they handle a minor toilet rebuild can sometimes turn into a nightmare especially for homeowners.

So what is a rocking toilet caused from and what is the most common cause? Most people think that to fix a loose toilet all they have to do is hire an Orlando plumber to pull and reset it. That may be true sometimes but not always. Believe it or not but a loose rocking toilet usually means that the toilet flange is broken some plumbers will install a spanner or fix a flange product while this will work sometimes it is not always the best fix.

The proper way to repair the flange is to actually have the plumber replace it. When doing this they need to chip out the old PVC flange and install a new one then reset the toilet. It is also important to have the plumber use grout not caulk. Grout acts as a base for the toilet and stabilizes it, caulk does not. If you need an Orlando plumbing company call Drain Genie Plumbing Services at 407-710-0210.


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