Do You Have A High Water Bill?

Do you have a high water bill? Many times, people with high water bills think the worst case, bad plumbing leaks do not always just cause you to have a high bill and not always is it a costly plumbing repair. It can be a minor issue. First thing to do is to try and isolate the leak. You can do this by shutting the water off at your house and then checking the water meter, which is usually in a rectangular box toward the road. Check if the meter is spinning. If you shut the water off to the house and the meter is spinning, that means your plumbing leak is outside your home between the meter and the house. If you shut the valve to your house and it stops spinning, go back to the house and turn the valve back on, then check the meter again. If it is spinning your leak is in the house somewhere. Don’t panic, it can still be a minor repair. First thing, check your hose bibs located on the outside of your home. Make sure nobody turned on a hose bib and did not shut it off all the way. We see this a lot. Next, check your toilets. Check the flappers and make sure there is no water movement in the tank and bowl. This is another big issue we see. Next, check showers and faucets for leakage. If you check these things, you may find that your high water bill is from a minor plumbing repair and save your self some money. If you check and the meter is still spinning, chances are you need to call an Orlando plumber to locate your leak. If you need a plumbing repair, call Drain Genie Plumbing Services at 407-490-1230.

plumbing leaks
plumbing leaks

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