Do Orlando Plumbers Make More Than A Doctor?

We as Orlando plumbers get stuck in some very awkward situations such as squeezing into small areas such as under kitchen sinks or sometimes crawling in an attic loaded with insulation in a 150 degree attic to fix a leaking pipe or crawling through a bug and rodent infested crawl spaces to fix a plumbing leak. But sometimes the most awkward feeling is when you give an invoice to a customer and they say that it only took you 30 minutes to fix and I don’t even make that type of money. I recently had a customer who is a doctor, he called us for a leak on his hose bib upon arriving. I looked at his hose bib and instantly noticed it was his packing nut and all it needed was to be tightened to be fixed. Over the phone he explained and thought he was going to have to replace the whole hose connection so when I was able to fix it, i thought he would be happy because it was going to cost less than originally quoted but was i wrong and it was awkward. His response was I am a doctor and I went to school for many years and I don’t make 100 dollars in 30 minutes of work. My response was you are paying for a service not just the time it takes to fix the problem but the years of experience the service provider has. Remember even if you call a plumber out and it takes him 1 minute to fix your problem you may be disappointed with cost but plumbers have the knowledge to fix it and you did not so with his years of experience he was able to diagnose the problem which may look easy and fix the problem.

The simple fact is even if your Orlando plumber charges you 100 dollars to fix a leak that took 30 minutes, there are a lot more expenses than just the 30 minutes on the job. You have the time it takes to get to the job, labor, materials, insurance, license, gas, accountants, paper work and many other expenses you don’t see. In fact most plumbing companies in Orlando are happy with a 10% profit after everything is paid. Well do the math, 10% of 100 dollars is 10 dollars most people tip their waiter or waitress better than that. So the answer is no, plumbers don’t make more than a doctor. Also 98% of the people understand this so I am only talking about 2% of customers but it still is very awkward when these situations come up. That is why I thought I would write this article. If you need a honest reliable plumber in Orlando Florida call us at 407-710-0210. We have no problem explaining things to you the customer.

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Orlando Plumbing Company


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