Do I Have A Clogged Kitchen Drain ?

We get this question a lot in the orlando area. You would think that having a clogged kitchen drain is self explanatory, you run the water in the kitchen and it does not drain, not true all the time. It depends on how the original Orlando plumber piped the drain lines in. We get a lot of older homes in the Florida area and the customer calls and says the kitchen only backs up when the laundry is running or the laundry sink is filled with water after the kitchen sink is ran. This is most often caused by grease or food build up from the kitchen sink and most older homes. The kitchen and laundry areas are usually close and when they are close the plumber usually runs a 2″ branch line off the main drain and catches the kitchen and the laundry off one 2″ line which when the line gets clogged the kitchen and laundry back up and if the laundry drain lines are lower than the kitchen drain line then all the waste water will go into the laundry area. If there is a partial clogged kitchen drain then when the laundry is being ran it will force the waste water up into the kitchen and then go down when the laundry cycle has stopped. If you are experiencing these issues then chances are you have a clogged kitchen drain. If you have a plumbing issue call Drain Genie Plumbing Services at 407-490-1230.

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