3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Put off a Deltona Plumbing Repair

We were at a customers home in Deltona, Florida this week and the customer had a drain clogged in his bathroom. When using the water it backed up into the tub and toilet. As we always do, we ask questions to give our customers a good idea of how much it will cost before we go out. I asked how long has it been clogged and he said a year and a half to two years. When you have a plumbing problem it is really in your best interest to repair it as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your Deltona plumbing system. In this particular job there were roots involved.

Many times when a toilet gets clogged and it has to do with roots it takes years for roots to fill a line and most of the time they dont fill it they narrow it down. Then other debris will clog it and then you usually call a Deltona plumber to clean the drain and most of the time we can but if you have roots and let them grow for months and years they grow much deeper and burst the pipe and a plumber will not be able to get through this causing a very big problem and a much larger Deltona plumbing repair bill. It is very important to call a plumber at the first sign of a plumbing problem. This not only goes for drain cleaning but also for dripping showers, faucets and other repairs.

Water is very powerful and can cause a lot of problems. Look at the Grand Canyon a flow of water overtime wore through rock. So imagine a steady trickle of water through your shower valve. What happens is instead of a simple Deltona plumbing repair it continues to drip and the water can gouge the shower valve causing you to have to replace it. Plumbing is very similar to our bodies. At the sign of trouble you should go to a doctor to prevent things from getting worse and the same goes for plumbing repairs. Call a plumber early to prevent more cost. If you need a plumbing company in Deltona give Drain Genie Plumbing a call at (407) 710-0210.

Deltona Plumbing Repair
Deltona Plumbing Repair

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