When Should You Replace Laundry Valves?

When should you replace laundry valves in your Deltona home? There are many reasons why you should replace your laundry valves with the most common reasons being age and consumer causing damage to system. Most of our calls regarding laundry valves in Florida are from customers getting a new washer and causing a leak in the wall while they attempt to remove the old hoses. On many older homes most people forget to remove and install new washer hoses every few years and in most cases the washer hose gets corroded to the valve and when the customer tries to remove it they cause a flood by breaking the valve or the pipe in the wall. Here are some things to do before you attempt to install a washer:

  • Know where your water shut-off valve is, in case of an emergency.
  • If you attempt to remove hose and it does not come off easily, call a Deltona plumber this will save you from a potential disaster.

Many times if you have older valves in your home and try to shut them off after years of never doing so, they will most likely leak. Sometimes this is a simple fix but sometimes it’s not. If you have to replace your laundry valves and they are in a box, the plumber will have to cut a hole below the box to access the pipes. if there is only one valve causing an issue then we suggest to replace both valves anyway so you do not have to open the wall again. If you need your laundry valves replaced, please call us at (407) 710-0210 .


Typical Set Of Laundry Valves
Typical Set Of Laundry Valves

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