CPVC Pipe And Some Of The Problems It Has In Orlando FL

There has been recent talk about CPVC pipe and problems it has in the plumbing industry. We have seen many issues with CPVC piping in the Orlando and Florida area. There was even a recent news article on channel 6 news about CPVC and its problems. Some plumbing companies use scare tactics to push repipes. While CPVC has its problems and Drain Genie Plumbing Services prefers Zurn Pex. CPVC is not necessarily a ticking time bomb like polybutlyene most of the failures we have seen with CPVC are due to plumbing contractors cutting corners for example bending the CPVC around corners or not allowing the glue to dry enough. Another example is buying cheaper parts such as using all plastic male adaptors instead of using the CPVC adaptors that have brass threads by installing the cheeper fittings we have seen the treads on the plastic adaptors break. Another problem and i would have to say this is the biggest problem with CPVC is our Orlando plumbers find it does get extremely brittle when cutting to repair or bunking it out in the yard it has a tendency to crack easy also when turning off a valve that has not been turned off for awhile we have seen the pipe snap. Solution is to be careful if you have this pipe in your home. If it is installed correctly its not going to just explode you just have to be careful when handling it. One of the problems we have been experiencing is insurance companies making us use CPVC for repipes we don’t like Using CPVC on repipes for a few reasons one is the glued fittings in the attic and the other is CPVC is not as flexible. Next is the warranty CPVC is only 10 years while SOME PEX is 25 year warranty not all pex has the same warranty there are cheaper products make sure if you are having a repipe that you know the kind of pex that is being installed and the warranty because some pex has only a 10 year warranty. Also pex to has problems the older clear pex has problems getting brittle and cracking and pex does not do well in sunlight and anything exposed to sun light should be insulated. If you have any questions about CPVC or Pex piping call Drain Genie Plumbing Services at 407-710-0210.

Picture courtesy of http://www.clickorlando.com/news/plumbers-warn-of-cpvc-piping-problems/31194976


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