Copper Pipe And Pinholes In Orlando Florida

If your home was built in Orlando, Florida in the 1990’s or earlier chances are you have copper piping. Copper pipe and Florida water do not mix. The water is very harsh and affects the copper pipe causing it to fail after a short period of time. Pinholes start in the pipe very small and microscopic. It’s so small that you can’t see the hole sometimes. It looks like the pipe is sweating. In some cases the weeping will seal itself overtime and stop leaking but if you are not lucky enough to have the leak stop, what happens is the water will erode the pipe over time causing the hole to get bigger and bigger. If the pipe is exposed you will see the plumbing leak fairly quick. If it is in the walls of your home you will not notice it for awhile and when you do you may have a hard time finding where the leak is coming from and more than likely you will have to call an Orlando plumber in order to find the source of the plumbing leak and make the necessary plumbing repair. Pinholes in your copper under the slab are a nightmare. Sometimes customers don’t notice the plumbing problem until they get their water bill and it is sky high having a pinhole under the slab is the worst case most plumbers call these plumbing leaks ( Slab Leaks ). This entails electronic leak detection and busting a hole in the concrete slab to access the pinhole in the copper piping. Most of the time if you have a slab leak it is best to repipe or replace all the copper pipe in your Orlando, Florida home. This will ensure you will not have recurring leaks in your system. If you need a repipe or pinhole leak repair please give us a call at 407-490-1230.

Copper Pinholes Cut Out By Orlando Plumber To Repair
Copper Pinholes Cut Out By Orlando Plumber To Repair

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