Copper Pinhole Plumbing Leaks In Your Orlando Home..

Plumbing leaks can be frustrating and with living in Orlando, Florida we are prone to plumbing leaks. So what are the reasons for plumbing leaks and why do they happen. Having a water line leak is very scary for the homeowners and can also be difficult to find because most water lines in Orlando FL are located in the wall or underneath the slab of your home. This can cause major water damage because once you see the water there is usually a build up of hidden damage in the walls because most water leaks on older homes start with a very small leak called a pinhole leak. These holes start with a weeping action and sometimes they actually will seal themselves back but eventually they will leak again. Once they start with a small spray the pinhole plumbing leaks will get larger and larger. Depending on the location of the leak it could take sometime before you see any water from this plumbing leak. If it is in the wall you will tend to see it quicker but if it is under the slab it will take longer to see. What makes these leaks difficult to locate is most of the time the water will surface by a wall or a water heater. Most customers automatically think it is a leak in the wall and that’s not true. After a pinhole in the slab has started it could take months to show up because the water has to find a weak spot in the floor to come through and most of the time it is around the copper pipe in the wall, so the leak could surface and look like a wall leak. Unless the leak is certainly in the wall, we suggest getting a leak detection service performed to locate the leak and if it is in the slab you should think about a repipe which is a replacement of your copper pipe. If you need an Orlando plumber please call Drain Genie Plumbing Services at 407-710-0210

Copper Pinholes Cut Out By Orlando Plumber To Repair

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