Common Causes For A Running Toilet In Your Orlando Home

We at Drain Genie Plumbing in Orlando get a lot of customer complaints about the water bill being extremely high. About 80% of the time it is a minor repair and it’s usually the toilet flapper. If the toilet flapper is curled at all, this lets the water leak through causing your toilet to fill constantly. The flapper should be flat and if it has any curve to it then it needs to be replaced. Here is a test you can try to see if your flapper is leaking. First get some red food coloring and apply it to the water in the tank and give it 10 minutes or so. Then after 10 minutes check the bowl. If its red your flapper is bad and should be replaced by you or your Orlando plumber.

Another problem we see with toilets is that the water level in the tank is adjusted too high in the tank and the water is just running down the overflow tube in the toilet tank. The water in the tank should be about 1 inch down from the overflow tube in the toilet tank. This is also a bad water waster. Sometimes the float just needs to be adjusted or sometimes the fill valve in the toilet tank needs to be replaced because it is malfunctioning. These are examples of the top water leaks in newer houses. If you have a leak that you can’t find or a toilet you can’t handle give Drain Genie Plumbing services a call at 407-490-1230.


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