Fixing Clogged Toilets in Longwood, Florida

Do you have a toilet that is not flushing properly? Is your house an older home? We’ve had customers call and say there is something in the toilet and it won’t flush. Many times they try to unclog it with their own snakes or other DIY plumbing tools with no avail. This is because there is something deeper in the toilet than you think. We have many customers say well nothing else is backed up so it has to be in the toilet. Well our Longwood plumbers mostly see this situation in older homes. Vegetation is a very surprising thing because roots can grow where you would not think. They would be a common problem and in older home, where the pipe comes through the cement slab.

Sometimes there is a void between the concrete and the pipe and what happens is little feeder roots start to grow up and out and back down the toilet into the sewer line. This then plugs off the toilet and causes it to back up. The only way that this problem can be fixed is to have your  Longwood plumber remove the toilet and manually remove the roots that are growing in to the plumbing system. Our plumbers have seen roots that were growing for years and when pulled out they are 4 ft long. If you have a clogged toilet in your Longwood Florida home please give us a call at (407) 710-0210 We can fix all your toilet needs.

Roots In A Toilet Flange
Roots In A Toilet Flange

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