Clogged Kitchen Sink … Proper Plunging

Have you ever had a clogged kitchen sink in your Oviedo home? It can be rather bothersome did you know some minor clogs can be cleared by proper plunging. If it has a double compartment sink the best way to plunge the sink is to use two plungers or cover one side of the sink drain, this will create the suction needed to clear a minor clog in your kitchen. If you don’t cover the other drain this will allow air to get into the line therefore losing the suction. If you try this method and it does not work then the clog is more than likely deep in the kitchen line and then you would need to call an Oviedo plumber to preform a  drain cleaning service with a snake.


If you use a drain cleaner please don’t use any chemical based drain cleaner. It is recommended to use a natural enzyme based drain cleaner. The chemical drain cleaners can cause grease to get hard and make it harder for your plumber to clear the line. Most of the time drain cleaners are a waste of money. Once the drain is clogged usually a good old fashioned drain cleaning service is what you will need to fix the issue. Drain cleaners work better as a preventative before the drain backs up. If you are looking for a plumber to fix your clogged kitchen sink give Drain Genie Plumbing Services a call at (407) 710-0210 .


Clogged Kitchen Sink
Clogged Kitchen Sink

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