Clog 101…Why is There Toilet Water Coming Up In My Shower?

Why is there toilet water coming up in my shower?
Most people panic and don’t know what is it is. It usually starts with a clog in the toilet and the customer will plunge and plunge to no avail. While plunging, the customer will notice the water from the toilet going back into the tub or shower. They call in a panic wanting to know what is going on and if we can give them an estimate. Well, almost always if this is happening to you, it’s a mainline clog. A mainline clog can happen anywhere from your branch line, which would only affect a bathroom out in the yard where your main sewer line goes to the city tie in. This would affect the whole home. Many people say well my whole house is not backing up, my sinks are draining fine. Well, if your toilet is backing up and it’s affecting the tub/shower, it is in the main and is affecting the sink, but your sink water will go into the tub/shower, also causing your toilet to bubble. The sink will seem fine because it is the highest fixture and will always drain unless the sink is individually clogged, so you may think the sink is fine, but it is actually coming up in the tub. How your plumbing system works: Each bathroom is grouped together on a branch main. So what does that mean? Let’s take a master bath. So, if your master bath has two sinks, toilet, shower and tub all those fixtures tie in to a branch line, usually 3″-4″ in diameter. This branch line then goes to your main line, which is usually the same size pipe. This line catches other branch lines in your home, such as kitchen and other bathroom branch lines before leaving the home and tying in to the city main drain. So, whatever branch line is affected, it will cause that group of plumbing fixtures to back up and if the clog is outside it will cause all the bathrooms to act up. If you hear bubbling in your drains or your toilet is backing up into the shower, don’t panic, call your local Orlando plumber Drain Genie Plumbing Services at 407-710-0210.

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