Choosing The Right Faucet

     Picking the right bathroom or kitchen faucet is very important in your Orlando home. There are many styles and prices ranging from $20-$1000’s. Some people think they could just buy a cheap faucet and say a faucet is a faucet but that’s not true. With the cheapest faucets you will save money upfront but they will cost you in the long run and some of the very expensive faucets have a vast number of parts that can go bad and need to be ordered by your Orlando Plumber when they need to be serviced. Sometimes you can get a good cheap faucet. You will need to do your homework though by paying attention to the details and by holding the faucet to see if it’s all plastic and how many parts are in the faucet internally, in the advent it needs to be serviced by a plumber and if the parts are accessible by most plumbers. 

     We at Drain Genie Plumbing Services suggest Moen or Delta faucets. These are middle priced and they are of great quality. The parts are stocked in most Orlando Florida plumbers trucks so in the event you ever need your faucet repaired your plumber should have the parts available. Both Moen and Delta brands have lifetime warranties. The problem with getting a cheap faucet is that the warranty is not good and you still have to pay your plumber to install it, so you may save on the faucet but in a year from now. When it leaks and you have to pay a plumber to install another faucet you will realize it was really not worth getting the cheapest product. 

     Also when going to the big box stores they do sell Moen And Delta and they are fairly priced compared to the plumbing supply houses but again Moen makes different grades of faucets. So the faucets at the box stores are lower grade and made of plastic which is not the best quality. Recently I asked my supplier at Ferguson what is the difference and they stated that obviously the first is the quality. Box store Moen faucets are made of plastic and Moen faucets from Orlando plumbing supply companies are made of solid brass but the warranty is the same as the plastic grade which is lifetime. I always leave it up to my customers to decide which grade they want. If they don’t mind the plastic feel of the faucet then go with the cheaper Moen faucet but if they want a sturdy heavy duty faucet then go with the professional grade Moen faucet. Either way both grades have lifetime warranties but most people don’t realize that there are two different grades of Moen faucets. If you need a faucet in your bathroom or your kitchen replaced go with a good faucet. In the long run it will save you money. If you need a faucet install, please call Drain Genie Plumbing at 407-490-1230

Quality Faucet
Quality Faucet

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